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Very Knowledgeable Lawyer and Very Responsive

Paul Cass is a very knowledgeable lawyer and very responsive. He guides you in the right direction and doesn't give you wrong hope.

Very Professional.

Thank you, Paul!


Super Great Professional

Paul is one of the most knowledgeable lawyers I've ever seen. He doesn't give you false hope at all. He's super responsive ( you barely see a responsive attorney). He is meticulous and really fair. He minimizes the headache of the process almost to zero by supporting you in a timely manner.

You cannot ask for anything more when it comes to a lawyer. I have first-hand experience with him in three different cases.

An amazing person as well as a super great professional.

Thank you Paul!

- AL A.

My Experience with Him Was Outstanding

Mr. Paul D Cass is a fantastic lawyer with a vast variety of knowledge and experience, my personal experience with him was outstanding. And his reputation is simply Great! That's why I hired him for my case and it was successful! I would recommend him to anyone close to me. Keep up your amazing work Paul, you're making the world a better place.

- Bilal D.

Caring, Very Social, and Super Professional

Paul D Cass, is a great Attorney, my family had so many types of immigration cases with him And all the cases were successful. He's so nice! I recommend him to all my friends because he is caring, very social, and super professional at what he does!

- Amir J.

Paul Delivered Amazing Results

Paul has now completed several different cases for us including H1B visas, a PERM, and personal cases. Some of these looked hopeless but Paul delivered amazing results. A very responsive attorney at surprisingly reasonable prices. Thank you, Paul.

- Robert K.

Best Lawyer I've Had the Pleasure of Being Represented By

The best lawyer I've ever had the pleasure of being represented by Paul represented my family and me on a complex immigration case. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Paul has gone out of his way to make sure my case was handled properly. He even made a house call on a weekend and is a pure joy to work with. In all honesty, I'm sure I frustrated him to no end, yet he maintained his patience and pleasant Attitude with me. His rate is very fair and I'm very thankful to have had his representation.


Great Attitude

Paul is one of the best immigration lawyers with reasonable service fees.I have had two different immigration lawyers for my mom's citizenship case and none of them were able to solve the issue. Fortunately, he was introduced by our attorney and he made it happen!!

Most importantly, he is available to answer your phone calls at any time. I even bothered him by asking about my other immigration cases and he was responding to my questions with a great attitude. I remembered one day he was hospitalized, but he answered my phone call and did not say NO!

If you are looking for a lawyer who cares, this is the man

VERY HAPPY with the service :)

Good luck with your research!

- Zahra S.